Mushroom Grow Kit Mushbag

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Mushroom Grow Kit Mushbag

The Mushbag contains a heat-treated substrate, suitable for the spawn production of most mushrooms. Available with rye or rice. Psilocybe cubensis varieties perform best on rye. Sclerotia species like the Mexicana A. perform best on rice. Spores are not included, but are available separately.

  • Yield: 1000-1500 g of Psilocybe cubensis or 150-200 g of sclerotia
  • Detailed and illustrated instructions included



The illustrated manual guides you from spores to a bag of colonized substrate. The colonized Mushbag can then be used for a variety of cultivation methods. Download the manual in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

Mushbag with sterilized rye (1400 g) or rice (1200 g), alcohol swap, user manual.

Mushbag Rice
Mushbag with sterilized ryeMushbag with sterilized rice