Mushroom Grow Kit Basic Cambodia

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Mushroom Grow Kit Basic Cambodia

Covers the basics of mushroom home cultivation. In four simple steps you will learn more about the rice flour cake method (or PF Tek). This grow kit requires more care and attention than our other kits, as you will need to sterilize the growth medium and perform a daily check and adjustments on moisture levels.

  • Learn the basics in four steps
  • Produces multiple harvests
  • Yield: 300-450 g Psilocybe cubensis Cambodia
  • Detailed and illustrated instructions included


Download the manual in English.


900 ml vermiculite, 220 g rice flour, 4 cultivation boxes (300 ml) with air filter, 1 XL grow bags with air filter, Psilocybe cubensis spore syringe (10 ml), pair of sterile gloves, mouth mask, 2 paperclips, user manual.

Other requirements

(Duct) tape, alcohol (or any disinfectant), lighter or torch, aluminum foil, spray bottle, safety pin or nail, pressure cooker or normal cooking pan with a lid that closes well.

Mushroom Grow kit 'Basic'
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