PF Tek Cultivation Method

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PF Tek Cultivation Method

The PF Tek or rice flour cake method was the first available method to grow your own mushrooms at home with the use of easy found materials. It was developed by Psilocybe Fanaticus, aka Robert McPherson. The technique utilizes a mixture of brown rice flour and vermiculite that has to be sterilized and then injected with mushroom spores.

Innervisions has slightly modified this classic method by the use of micro-boxes instead of glass jars. The microporous filter on the Microbox significantly reduces the risk of contaminations.

With the Mushroom Grow Kit Basic you will learn more about this method. The PF Tek method requires more care and attention than our other grow kits, as you will need to sterilize the growth medium and perform a daily check and adjustments on moisture levels. A pressure cooker or normal cooking pan with a lid that closes well is required.

PF Tek injection
Rice Flour Cake growing methodInjecting the substratePressure cooker