Magic Truffles

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Sclerotia – Magic Truffles

Sclerotia, also known as magic truffles or Philosopher’s stones, are produced underground by certain types of mushrooms to store nutrients and protect them from cold, draught and heat. They contain psilocybin, which generates a colourful and philosophical state of mind that lasts between 4 and 6 hours.

Magic Truffles 'Mexicana'

Sclerotia Mexicana

The Psilocybe Mexicana were discovered in Oaxaca, Mexico by mycologist R. Gordon Wasson and studied by Albert Hoffman. These truffles are especially recommended for people who will experience sclerotia for the first time.

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Magic Truffles 'Galindoi'

Sclerotia Galindoi

The Psilocybe Galindoi are found growing in and near forests in Mexico. Galindoi is quite similar to Atlantis in potency but gives you more open and closed-eyes visuals.

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Magic Truffles 'Tampanensis'

Sclerotia Tampanensis

The Psilocybe Tampanensis were first found in 1977 in Tampa, Florida (USA). The truffles were given the name ‘Philosopher’s stones’. They are less potent than most truffles but allow for much clearer thoughts and insights.

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Magic Truffles 'Atlantis'

Sclerotia Atlantis

The Psilocybe Atlantis is a close relative of the Mexicana and was found in Fulton County, Georgia (USA). They have a pleasant taste and smell, and many users have found the experience to be more potent compared to other magic truffles, save perhaps Galindoi.

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